Friday, 19 February 2016

The Everlasting Cardi

I've been waiting to post this one until I had a suitable model to show it off. So, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family!

I started knitting this cardigan a long time ago. I wanted a project that would take quite a while to do, something that would be a real achievement and a bit special rather than just another baby jumper. I didn't know how long it would be before I had a little person to wear it so I didn't want it finished too quickly!

Looking around for a pattern was difficult, I needed something special and a bit intricate but usable everyday. Not too lacy for a boy, not too old fashioned, but not a modern geometric pattern either. Everything seemed very much aimed at either boys or girls. Eventually I came across this pattern which seemed to fit the bill. The picture I saw was knitted up in a nice gender neutral green, which is probably what caught my eye! Having found the pattern I went in search of yarn, and since it only uses one ball of lace weight, I could splash out on something extra special. In the end I found a lovely silk and alpaca blend. So soft! I was thinking green but then I saw a lovely soft denimy blue, which would make the lace pattern a bit more suitable for a boy while looking lovely over a pink babygrow for a girl.

It did take a long time to knit, which is how it ended up being known as the "everlasting" cardi. I just managed to finish it with a few weeks to go. Admittedly I could have finished a bit sooner if I had worked on it constantly, but sometimes life gets in the way! After a while I started to get bored of it as well, coming across new patterns that I wanted to start and feeling like this little blue scrap of lace would never be finished. But it was something special, I wanted it to be my baby's first outfit and I wanted to finish it myself. So of course I persevered and I'm so pleased that I did.

Since this was a special item I really wanted to use some special buttons. I have my Granny's old button box, and some of the contents came from my Great-granny, so it seemed like the perfect thing would be to find some old buttons in there. The challenge was finding enough that matched, or at least went together. Rummaging around in the little drawers I could smell the familiar scent of Granny's house. I will never work out what that was, it wasn't her cleaning products or a favourite perfume, more like old books if anything. But then maybe I think that because a lot of my old books came from her! Whatever it was, it was a nice comforting smell and always reminds me of happy times whenever I do catch it caught in some old thing of hers. Choosing the buttons from that box made me feel like she will be with William. And they are old buttons, so I'm reasonably sure they came from my Great-granny as well.

There is a lot of love knitted into that little cardigan. Love everlasting.

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