Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Don't work harder!

This little project was great fun, and it proved to be the perfect solution too!

I have a tiny kitchen. Really tiny. So tiny that there is literally nowhere you can put a rubbish bin in there, not even one of those that go under the sink. As a result the kitchen bin is actually in the hallway, just outside the kitchen. This isn't the problem that you might expect it to be, it is actually closer to the sink and chopping board than it would be in most bigger kitchens! But it does create a bit of a psychological barrier and sometimes it seems a bit silly to have to carry rubbish all the way out of the kitchen to put it in the bin.

This happened a lot with teabags. Silly little things, and dripping boiling tea as well, who wants to carry them into the hallway? So they would be put on the edge of the sink. Where they would stay, piling up and causing stains. I hated it but it seemed like no matter what I did they would just continue to gather. I felt that they shouldn't be there, that they should be in the bin, that it should be easy to put them in a bin only a meter away from the kettle, that I should try that bit harder to enforce the rule.

Here's the thing, it's almost never about trying harder. If something bothers you, trying harder probably isn't the answer. You are probably trying to do the impossible. People (yourself or someone else) do things for a reason, a good reason usually, and just thinking you can change it wont really work. You have to work with what you have, acknowledge that reason and find a way to make it work for you.

So I went to a ceramic painting studio. I found a little pot (even though it looks like a flower pot it doesn't have a hole in the base!) and I painted it. I had a really nice afternoon relaxing with a cup of tea and some paints, and when I was done I had this. A tea bag pot. It sits next to the kettle and collects used teabags. Everybody remembers to use it, they don't pile up on the side of the sink, I don't feel bad for not trying harder and everybody is happy. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have!

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