An interesting thing happened just after I decided on the name for this blog. We were watching TV and a woman described herself as a domestic goddess. My husband's reaction was "who wants to be a domestic goddess? All it means is that you are really good at pushing a hoover round!" Hmm, that's really not how I see it!

A goddess is not a slave, working away day and night to achieve some goal of perfection set by other people. She has a calm power and is in control of her realm. A domestic goddess creates a home that is truly infused with her warmth, her welcome and love for friends and family, her personality. Infact if you cut a slice out of her home you would see her name running right through it like a stick of rock! When you go into her home you immediately feel calm and welcome, it's a place you look forward to spending time in, somewhere you can relax, or somewhere to be inspired.

Clean floors and up to date laundry are not goals in themselves, they are only a means to an end. When you don't have to panic about being late for an appointment you have time to relax and breathe. When dinner is already cooking away in the slow cooker you can spend some time knitting a jumper for a loved one, or gardening, or baking a cake, or doing a painting with a child. Do the boring stuff as quickly and efficiently as possible and it opens up all sorts of opportunities for the fun stuff, the things that really turn a house into a home.

I am far from perfect, I struggle along just like everyone else! But whether you have a bedroom in a shared flat or a mansion and a housekeeper, I hope you will join me on this journey to create a "stick of rock home."

What you'll find here

I think life is all about balance, you don't have to perfect your laundry routine before you can be allowed to do something fun! So you will find a mixture of things here.

The Basics are the boring bits that keep your home running smoothly. The cleaning tips and menu planning systems that might just free up a time of time and space to let you breathe. These are the things I need to work on the most so you can certainly expect to see me struggle too! Somehow I can apply these principles easily when I'm working in someone else's home but it all falls apart in my own. You should find Basics posts on a Monday.

The Fun things are what turn your house from a hotel room into a home. They give it a heart and soul and put your name (and your family's names) right through the middle. You may have realised by now that I think these are pretty important! You should find Fun posts on a Friday, just in time for a weekend project if you feel so inclined.

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